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Spring House

Spring House will be a significant family home on a prominent site overlooking the Stour valley. Externally, we have endeavoured to create an overall composition which is rooted in the Arts and Crafts tradition of country homes, and honours the materials and characteristics that appear within the locality on similar properties. Central to the design, both externally and internally, is a sense of exploration and surprise - rooms beyond are glimpsed and spatial experiences reveal themselves to be more intriguing and delightful than initially anticipated. The aim is to create a home that nurtures family life, feels secure in its setting , and complements the wider landscape.

The design uses traditional materials of handmade tiles and bricks around a timber frame, and adopts breathable building technologies that will not only increase the energy performance of the finished building, but also reduce a reliance on synthetic building products.

The house will sit in a landscape that includes a series of outbuildings and terraces, screened to create different degrees of public and private space. The design was developed in close dialogue with the local planning authority and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty design officer, and gained planning permission in December 2019.