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'Office', by Nicola Naismith

In 2016 we were asked by Nicola Naismith, an Associate Artist at firstsite, if she could spend a few days observing our office as part of a project on Commerce and Culture that she was undertaking. Her thoughts were to create some form of book, gift or other editioned object, that captured something of what she came to understand of our place and ways of work. Of course we were delighted to have her on such an open brief and intrigued to know what might emerge.

The object that Nicola made as a result was a folded, papercut card that can be read in a number of ways, and her reflection on the way that we use drawing and move between two- and three-dimensional representation. An edition of 65, we were able to send our share out to collaborators and clients as a small physical representation of our office life.