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Gasworks houses an international gallery and residency programme, affordable artists' studios and a full outreach and events programme within one deceptively small building. Our challenge as architects was to reconfigure this building to make bigger, better spaces for all these functions, without the possibility of actually extending the building. This has been an exercise in creating the best spaces for art and artists in a legible, elegant and restrained fashion.

We increased the size of the gallery space, participation space and the number of studios, as well as creating a new communal kitchen and terrace. The energy consumption of the building has been halved, through a new roof, new windows and completely new heating and lighting throughout.

A striking street facade has been created from minor adjustments and new openings, working with the existing window placement. We worked with the black and white palette of Gasworks' visual identity to create a sharp and graphic elevation, enlivened at night by an oversized lightbox and an illuminated canopy over the entrance.

HAT Projects have found fantastic solutions for reorganizing the layout of the building, carving out two extra studios for London-based artists, doubling the size of the gallery, creating a purpose-built events space and adding a much needed kitchen and a terrace to enhance the feeling of "home."

The building is also going to have a better presence on the street, making us a lot more visible and inviting to audiences. Renovating Gasworks is allowing us to think more ambitiously about our programs.

Alessio Antoniolli, Director, Gasworks

Photography: Ioana Marinescu. Kemang Wa Lehulere, Sincerely yours, 2015, exhibition view. Commissioned by Gasworks. Courtesy the artist. Photography: Andy Keate