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St George’s Hall

St George's Hall is a disused Grade II listed Victorian public meeting hall attached to a high street pub in the centre of Colchester. We are working with a range of partners, led by Roman River Music, on proposals to restore and reconfigure of the complex as a multi-functional music and events venue alongside a revitalised pub.

To establish the feasibility and demonstrate the potential of the space, in 2015 our team worked in a design-build capacity with a team of volunteers, to carry out hands-on work to the space. We put in place essential safety measures, lighting and other basic facilities to allow the first live performances in 60 years to take place in this amazing forgotten venue, and we are currently working on the next stages of the project.

I loved the concert in St George’s Hall last week. Such an amazing place - a bit like a smaller version of the Wigmore Hall.

Seeing the inside of St George’s Hall was a revelation.

Audience members at the 2015 Festival