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March 13, 2018

Creative Workspace Summit in Great Yarmouth

As part of this excellent summit hosted in Great Yarmouth exploring the role of creatives (individuals and organisations) in creating great places and how creative workspaces can help make the most of a town's potential, HAT Projects will be presenting a talk upon how architecture can affect place.

Taking place at St George's Theatre in Great Yarmouth on 20th April, other speakers will include:

Creative Foundation (Folkestone)
East Street Arts (Leeds)
Focal Point Gallery and Southend Borough Council (Southend)
Outset (London/ UK)
MAIA (Birmingham)
Paradise Works (Manchester)
OUTPOST (Norwich)
Dove Street Studios (Norwich)
originalprojects (Great Yarmouth)
Smiths Row (Bury St Edmunds)
Mazi Reverso (independent networking)

with a keynote speech from Charles Landry.

Further information is available HERE.