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December 26, 2023

Sunspot one of Observer's 'Five best projects of 2023'

We are very proud to have Sunspot picked among Observer architecture critic Rowan Moore's 'Five best projects of 2023', describing Sunspot as "a case of doing a lot with a little, a robust and playful structure that brings much-needed employment to Jaywick Sands, Essex. It's a new landmark for the resort, with the improvisational spirit of its pioneers."

We believe that all communities deserve new buildings that are uplifting, joyful and a source of local pride. It is a depressing fact that this is not often the case, and particularly rare, sadly, in this part of the world. Three out of the five projects on the list are in London, and none of them are for public sector clients - the fifth, the only other regional project, is a folly for the Rothschilds.

So we are really happy for the community in Jaywick Sands, and for Tendring Council, our client. We persist in believing that design really does matter, and that lowest common denominator buildings are neither good value for money in the short term, nor result in long term rewards for their communities. If you agree, we want to work with you.