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Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD

As part of our work on the Jaywick Sands Place Plan, we identified the need for better design guidance to help property owners and potential developers submit proposals that would be both flood safe, and appropriate to the unique environment of Jaywick as a place. Applications coming forward were demonstrating a number of significant issues and planning officers were finding it difficult to balance up the relevant considerations and make decisions that would represent an improvement to the environment. At the same time, it is vitally important to incentivise and encourage property owners to replace existing unsafe homes with better quality, flood safe, housing.

We were subsequently commissioned by Tendring District Council to develop a Supplementary Plannind Document to address this gap and this will be published for formal consultation later in 2022. We worked closely with the Environment Agency to develop a specifically Jaywick approach to betterment in terms of flood safety and resilience for existing homes, while ensuring that development which would result in a net increase in residents in the community, would be required to meet stringent requirements in terms of flood, amenity space, parking and other aspects of design.

The resulting SPD includes a 'pattern book' showing how the requirements of the design guidance should be applied to the different kinds of plot and development relevant in Jaywick Sands.