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Trinity Square

Following from our work on a strategy for the key spaces in Colchester city centre, we were commissioned by the City Council to develop a number of projects in full. Our work at Trinity Square will bring back the churchyard of the deconsecrated Holy Trinity Church - technically a public open space, but not open to the public for many years - as a green oasis for all to enjoy.

Developing the design has involved close working with Historic England as well as local consultation, and has drawn on detailed research into how the churchyard has changed over time, from its earliest origins through to the development of the adjoining shopping centre in the 1970s which radically changed its setting.

The vision is for a peaceful, light touch revitalisation of the churchyard, with a subtle realignment of the railings to create more generous gathering space off the pavement allowing the Saxon tower - the oldest surviving building in the city centre - to be fully appreciated.

Photograph of Trinity Street in 1953 by Nigel Henderson, (c) Tate.