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September 5, 2022

Jaywick Sands Place Plan Consultations

We have opened a major public consultation with the community in Jaywick Sands about the future of the village. We started working for Tendring District Council on the development of a new Place Plan for Jaywick Sands in late 2018. Work was interrupted by the pandemic, and we are now hoping to learn as much as we can about how residents view the future of their community, to help direct the development of a Place Plan.

Jaywick's community experiences the most severe deprivation in the UK, and it is also at risk from sea level rise, which will affect the most deprived residents the most. We have worked hard to distill these complex and difficult questions into clear and simple graphics, videos and words, and developed a series of research questions in plain English that we are inviting residents to answer. You can read more about how we approached the consultation, and view the consultation survey.

Alongside the Place Plan, we have developed a draft Design Guide SPD for Jaywick Sands, to clearly set out how development proposals should be designed to take account of both flood risk and the unique, tightly spaced plot pattern of the settlement. We have worked closely with the Environment Agency on this, and it is now also open for statutory consultation. Read the draft Jaywick Sands Design Guide SPD and answer the consultation survey.